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"Shooting For The Nations"


    As believers we are excited about any opportunity to share our testimony of what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has done for us!  This past summer we were treated to the opportunity to travel to Saint Louis Du-Nord, Haiti to conduct an Evangelistic Basketball Camp.  This is the first time most of our participants have had an opportunity to touch a basketball or play the game.  We were blessed to use this God-given opportunity to utilize basketball as an Evangelistic tool.  We made many new friends and shared our faith with numerous people and participants.  It was truly a blessing and we are excited about the opportunity, as members of the Body of the Christ, to use basketball as a tool as we all Shoot For The Nations!



Overhead view of basketball court
Skill Demo and Lecture
Did you see that?
Out of bounds,  That way!
[Referee Equipment: Basketball Shoes, shorts, t-shirt, whistle, jungle hat, and a Sprite.]
Gifts for Zanmi's (Friends)
Joseph Wilgus - My Friend
D.T. Ministering
Our New Found Friend Mike
Thumbs Up From Baba
Meeting With Our Interpreters
Expressing Our Gratitude
Thank You Jacob
"William, since you didn't do any drills with us here's a ball so you can practice for next year."
D.T. Says Thanks
William, Troy, Luksen, Caleb, D.T., Jacob
One on one ministry with my friend Jean
Steph and D.T. pose with friends
Troy, our security guard Luksen, and D.T.
Ball Handling Drills in the new church
Every Ref needs a shade tree 
Skill Work,
Skill Work,
And More Skill Work.
Skill Demo and Lecture
Defensive Demo
Defensive Demo
Defensive Demo
Defensive Demo
Rebounding Demo
More Defensive Work
Nothing But Net!
Defensive Slides
Defensive Slides
One of many full court games
D.T. refs in the shade 
Two on two this dunks on you!
Defensive Demo
Dunk in the dust!
Less dust!  More dunk!
Get out of the sun!  Demo in the shade!
No lay up here!
Defensive Demo
Defensive and Rebounding Demo
Haitian Top Spinning Demo
Rebounding Demo
Troy plays hoops
Steph watches with other Haitian hoop fans

Tune in next time for our upcoming adventures as we "Shoot For The Nations!"

For more information on Ebenezer Evangelical Mission in Haiti click here [www.ebenezermissions.org].

We would like to thank you for this opportunity to share our most recent trip to Haiti and the Gospel; the GOOD NEWS.  God is a good God and He loves us so much that He sent His only son Jesus to die for us.  So what's the Good News?  HE LIVES!!!  Jesus Christ died and rose again to bring us back into relationship with God the Father.  The Bible says, "...if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9-10)  It's that simple.  God cares for you so much that He is concerned about every area and every aspect of your life.  We recommend that you take this opportunity to read this web site (in fact, it's the most important aspect of our business).  Please e-mail us if you would like to discuss this further.   We would love the opportunity to share with you more about our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Jezi rinmin ou! (Creole for Jesus loves you!)

Some of the countries that we have an opportunity to travel to and minister in do not have any basketball or volleyball supplies (basketballs, volleyballs, shoes, shorts, shirts, socks, basketball goals, nets, volleyball nets, etc...).  In fact, we had to pack one hundred and eighty (180) basketballs into Haiti on our backs in order to conduct this camp.  We are always looking for more basketball and volleyball supplies to take on future trips, so if you have an old basketballs, volleyballs, and/or old shoes or shorts lying around the house, yard, or in the garage and would love to give it up for a good cause consider sowing it into this project.  Every basketball we took was sown into good soil and touched lives.  Just think, an old basketball that was just sitting around in someones garage, never being used, was sown into our trip and touched the lives of some 300 to 500 Haitian participants.

 Bondye Bon (Creole for...God is good).  Jezi Rinmin Ou (Creole for...Jesus is Lord)

If you have an old ball and want to sow it for the use in future ministry projects please contact us.  Thank you.


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